Google Search Getting Dark Theme On Desktop, Months After Announcement

California Mountain View giant Google is now rolling out dark mode on desktop searches. The change was discovered in the early months of December 2020 but it is now rolling across all of its users. Google is making the update available slowly and will be available to everyone “over the next few weeks.” Google announced the announcement via a blog article. Users can access the dark theme that is new through Settings. A report from 9to5Google reports that users have noticed a sun symbol that could be used to turn it off or on without having to go to the Settings page.

Users can verify whether they are in the Dark theme visiting Settings > Appearance > Search Settings and choosing “Dark”. According to 9to5Google Some users see a sun icon, which will allow users to turn off and on. It’s not known if this is an actual update or is just a random test. Its new “Appearance” settings give users three choices: default, dark theme, and light theme.

Google has stated in its blog it is the page that searches consists of Google’s Google home page as well as the search result page, search parameters, etc. Anywhere users are on having an Google account the dark grey background is displayed. The requests of users of this option were recognized by Google. The dark search theme is set to be available within the next few weeks.. The feature is currently being tested on mobile devices as well however it isn’t implemented yet.

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