Digipay 3.2 installation – Morpho Driver

Digipay 3.2 installation

In this blog i am going to show you how to install latest Digipay Software Step by Step and troubleshooting errors 

Same Tutorial as Digipay 3.0 /3.2 just Update Files

Lets Start 

Step 2 : Disable any antivirus if you have Window Defender then don’t burred   

Step : 3 Go to start menu and search for Control Panel for uninstalling unnecessary software 

Step 4 : Search for Programs and click on uninstall program

Step 5 : this is time to uninstall old digipay and old unnecessary software 

Step 6 : Now go to download folder where you download the latest digipay software 

Step 7 : Right click  to extract the Digipay Software files  


Step 8 : double Click digipay setup (setup.exe)

step 9 :  Click on Run  if you are using window 10 

Click next

click next

click next

click next

click next 

Step 9 :  After Successful install open Digipay Software icon available on Desktop

Fill this form step by step and click processed

Step 10 : otp will send to registered mobile number  to csc 

Step 11: here is time to validate your identity 

After Successful Authentication Restart App


Troubleshooting Error 

if you have any error comment down below il resolved it  


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